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Historical Background


Blended with Indo-Bhutanese architectural designs, a design quite unique and unusual from others yet very common in the vicinity, Chukha Higher Secondary School today has 26.68 acres of land. It stands on the descending landscape, among the squally trees and teeming buildings of Chukha Hydro Power Corporation Limited.

As a monumental interpretation of friendship between Bhutan and India, some pulsating personalities in gho and trousers, among cloud of dusts, saw Chukha Higher Secondary School coming into life on 20th July 1977. It was then known as Indo-Bhutan Central School.
However, the school could only function from the academic year 1978-1979 with the total of 184 students. Shri K.S Nagaraju Rao was the first principal, who organized the school on a sound footing. He had rendered his service to the school from 29th May 1978 to 31st January 1979. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathaen then governed the school.


Initially, in its first phase, the school had classes till VIII. However, due to the increase of officers, staff and labourers in the project, the school had to be upgraded to class X during the academic year 1979-1980. Shri R.L Gupta was then the second principal of the school from 14th February 1979 to 31st July 1982. He was however followed by Shri S. Rangunathan from 20th May 1983 to 4th November 1986.


On 1st May 1989, the history of the school had to open and write new chapter as the last Indian principal Shri S.P Jain, who ran the school from 14th October 1986 to 30th March 1989, handed over the Indo-Bhutan Central School to the Royal Government of Bhutan. The school then started functioning with a changed name as Chukha High School with the total strength of about 400 students. Mr. Mingbo Drukpa, who had worked as the Vice Principal of Indo-Bhutan Central School, then became the first National Principal of the school on 1st April 1989 to 1st April 1991. Another visionary Principal Madam Pintsho Choden later followed him from 1st April 1991 to 5th March 1995.

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On 5th March 1995 Mr. Sangay Tenzin became the third but longest serving National Principal. His career as the Principal of the school began from 5th March 1995 to 10th July 2002. It was in his tenure, as the principal, that the school witnessed major transformation from mere high school to higher secondary school offering Commerce and Arts stream for many talented students. On 11th July 2002, Mrs. Dawa Choden became the 4th National Principal. On 12th February 2005 she handed over the school in the safe hands of Mr Yesh B Ghaley who left the school in December 2008 after successful completion of 4 years in this school. The Officiating Principal, Mr. Yang Dorji handed over the school to the 6th National Principal Mr. Tashi Chonjur on 24/2/09.

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